Lead Buyers/Sellers

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Benefits For Lead Buyers/Sellers

Horizon Digital Finance® provides an incremental channel for both lead buyers and sellers. Our patented Preferred Placement lending platform serves as the central routing engine for quality leads flowing through the system.

Lead Acquisition – As an incremental application channel, HDF acquires leads from select 3rd party lead originators on a ping/post dynamic bid platform. Third party leads are routed through Preferred Placement® lending platform providing customers with up to 4 loan offers presented online in real time. Customers then choose the loan offer that makes the most sense to them. Once a loan offer is selected, customers receive a loan kit which contains a blank check. HDF offers customers the opportunity to finance new and use automobiles and motorcycles, refinance existing autos and motorcycles, finance private party sales and lease buyouts.

Lead Sales – To supplement the Preferred Placement® lending platform where lenders approve and offer customers loans online, HDF partners with select franchised automobile dealerships and affiliates with franchised automobile dealership partners that understand the desires of HDF customers to utilize there online sourced loan. HDF then matches approved, loan-in-hand customers to participating dealerships through its “Preferred Dealer program (see www.preferred-dealer.net).

For customers that HDF is not able to obtain a loan offers from participating lenders, as well as for customers seeking subprime financing through OneHourFinance.com (see www.onehourfinance.com) , HDF provides these customers the opportunity to seek financing through dealer sourced lenders by providing customer information to affiliate dealer networks as well as its network of preferred dealers. HDF utilizes a ping/post dynamic bid platform for selling leads.